Conor used Santeer VIGOR to prepare for a marathon.

“As an Ultra Distance endurance athlete, aches and pains come with the territory. I was always interested in trying out CBD products as I had heard great things. Roy gave me a full sequence of Santeer CBD products to try. I love them all, because unlike the oils, the taste is palatable and sits well […]

Santeer FOCUS helped Patrick during a busy day at the farm.

“This time of year is really busy for us on the farm and often involves working late nights and starting work very early in the morning. John gave me some Santeer Focus tablets to try. I take 2 a day and I have definitely felt more alert in the evenings when normally I would start […]

Santeer FOCUS gave Elaine a positive boost during her busy day.

“These tablets seriously work! When I travel, my sleep patterns get all messed up and I struggle to function. Recently I was flying from the Far East to Europe and had a series of important meetings the day after I arrived. I took the DREAM tablet before going to sleep for the next few days […]


Why choose Santeer products?

Would you purchase a TV if 90% of the screen was always blank? How enjoyable would that game or soap opera be? Would it surprise you if we told you that most of the CBD products on the market are just like this. Santeer’s products are different and there are 4 key features of our products […]

CBD Dosage for your Dog or Cat

What is the dosage of CBD you should give to your dog or cat? More importantly, how should you give them their CBD?

CBD for pets. How does this benefit them?

Your beloved household pets can benefit from supplementation of CBD, not just humans. It can help them with a wide range of problems. The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a central regulatory system that affects mood, memory, sleep, and pain.